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I am Mansi Gupta and welcome to my Business Coaching Hub!

Here is a bit about me: and how I can help you in unlocking business excellence through experience and expertise

With over 18 years of experience in key business domains, including HR and People Analytics, Organizational Behavior, Personal Finance, and Soft Skills, I am a seasoned professional dedicated to shaping successful careers.

I have trained at over a 100 companies, via short term and long term assignments, as well as coached many individuals through various life and career stages. 

My teaching style is highly practical, participative and custom to each client's needs.

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Some of my clients:

Cushman & Wakefield | Godfrey Phillips | Mahindra Com Viva | Dabur | Nissan India | Panasonic

My Story

Drawing on my entrepreneurial background coupled with my formal work experience, I offer a unique blend of coaching expertise and real-world business acumen. Whether you're navigating corporate complexities, shaping the minds of future leaders, or optimizing retail strategies, my holistic approach is grounded in hands-on entrepreneurial success.

Visit my linkedin page for a detailed profile or take a look below:

Corporate experience:

Director at Nagarro: Transforming HR and People Operations

In my previous role as Director at Nagarro, I collaborated closely with leadership to drive HR transformations, people analytics, and system automation. My achievements include spearheading projects such as the design and implementation of performance management systems and the evaluation of key internal systems for replacement. I'm passionate about enhancing HR data quality, ensuring it becomes a strategic asset for decision-making.

HDFC Bank: Private Banking and Investment Product Management Expert

Building on my financial expertise, I contributed significantly during my tenure at HDFC Bank, where I played a pivotal role in Private Banking and Product Management of investment products. This experience equipped me with a profound understanding of financial markets, investment strategies, and client-centric solutions.


Entrepreneurial Experience:

Corporate Trainer: Transformative Learning for Businesses

I started my own business by creating a company known as the Word's Worth Institute that offers training to businesses. I worked in the changing field of professional development, organizing helpful workshops for well-respected companies. The success of this effort formed the basis for how I now approach coaching.

Early Education Designer: 

Realizing how crucial early education is, I decided to start something for young learners. I ran a successful play school known as Word Play in North Delhi, near the Delhi University, for over 5 years, with innovative learniing methodologies based on learning by playing. My focus was to provide a high quality learning environment at affordable proces.

Retail Goods Distributor: 

To broaden my horizons, I got into the business of distributing retail goods by starting a company called Roots Ventures. I focused on creating a strong network and making sure that high-quality products reach consumers without any hitches. This allowed me to become skilled at linking businesses with their customers. This entrepreneurial journey deepened my understanding of how markets work and how to manage margins and cash flows.

Author and Educator: 

As a published author, my books on Business Statistics, available on Amazon, cater specifically to HR professionals, ensuring a seamless transition from theory to real-world application. I've extended my reach through online platforms, with courses on HR, People Analytics, and MS Excel on Udemy and Skillshare, impacting over 10,000 students with an impressive average rating of 4.5 stars.

Educational Background:

My academic journey includes an MBA in Finance and HR from T A Pai Management School, complemented by a B.Arch from Sushant School of Art & Architecture. I am committed to sharing my multidisciplinary approach and strategic thinking with students and professionals, providing them with the confidence and skills needed for success in a data-driven business world.



My mission is to share diverse experiences, analytical prowess, and creative thinking to empower individuals in their career journeys. Through personalized coaching, I aim to boost confidence and equip professionals and students alike for the challenges of a rapidly evolving business landscape.

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills

  • Ability to simplify complex ideas for practical understanding

  • Tailoring sessions to diverse learning styles

  • A multi-disciplinary approach for cross-functional skilling

  • Natural strategic thinker with a high degree of business acumen​

Join me on this transformative journey, and let's elevate your business acumen together!

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